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Side Curtains

High-quality double-stitched side curtains made in the Antara Lux, a suede-like fabric. Available in two models, one model with fabric only and the other model with a border with danish plush. Don't forget to buy a front pelmet for the front window in the truck to match your side curtains!


Our side curtains are made of the fabric Antara Lux and are also double-stitched, which makes the curtains 100% blackout. The side curtains are available in two different models, one model in only the antara lux fabric and the other model in the antara lux fabric with an edge of the curtain in danish plush. The perimeter that you attach around the curtains is made of the same material as the curtains, if you buy side curtains with danish plush , the perimeter is 100% danish plush.